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 Specialized for more than 10 years in the manufacture of premium LED signs, SignCo Group headquarters are based in Hong Kong. With a team of over 150 collaborators (technicians, engineers, designers…), we are dedicated to provide the best quality signs to our international clients.  

Through an extremely precise production process, Lumanex offers endless possibilities for both indoors and outdoors signage. 

Already working with renowned brands, we have sufficient experience in order to meet your expectations and ensure your brand image.

From tailor-made production to standard ones, we manage logistics worldwide. And because we know that some projects are urgent, we build up your stocks so to enable deliveries within 4 to 5 days. For special production, we guarantee a delivery within 3 weeks. 


Our Portfolio is a pure display of elegance

Each sign is made of a block of pure acrylic, and LED dots embedded by hand. This is the perfect combination for the strictest requirements, offering an outstanding lifespan. 



Developed specially for LED signage


Ideal composition for uniform light diffusion

Enables heat dissipation for longer durability


Single Embedded LEDs


Computer calculated location of each LED dot

Assembled by hand for endless possibilities

Controlled voltage favoring a longer lifespan

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Demo Logo
Demo Logo
Demo Logo


  Front, side or back light, Lumanex signs are perfect for an elegant and refined result. 

With a variety of possible combinations, you can mix the different light effects (Front and Partial Side light, Front and Back light…) depending on your specifications. 

For more details, you can download our brochure.

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Lumanex : Metal

Wish for a metallic touch? We offer the possibility to manufacture letters in Stainless Steel or Brass, with mirror polished or brushed finishing. 

On top of this, you can add a light effect on the side or back of the sign.

For more details, you can download our brochure


Lumanex : New Neon 


If you want to add a vintage touch to your signs, you can choose from our New Neon effects. 

And above all, benefit from the same advantages of the LEDs acrylic signs : uniform light diffusion, heat dissipation…

For more details, you can download our brochure.

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 Unable to drill any holes to mount the sign? We have developed Lumiglass, specially fitting for glass/mirror facades. 

Two electrical stainless steel wires join all letters together. And we provide you 3M tape to fix the sign directly onto the glass.

For more details, you can download our brochure

Lumanex Extra-Thin

 To spread the light in sophisticated way, our LUMANEX EXTRA THIN will be the solution.

For more details you can download our brochure.

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Worldwide Delivery

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SignCo Group guarantee a presence all around the world

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SmartSign equipment

 Signs equipped with SmartSig provide high reliability, permit a guarantee u to 5 years thanks to a controlled use.

Stock Capacity

China, France, USA



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On time

Air freight shipment with daily tracking & customs clearance supervision. 48 hours commitment for stock picking and customized wooden crate crafting. 3 Weeks lead time for on demand production


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