SignCo x Factory

Discover SignCo Group story through its representative

It all began with a passionate entrepreneur deciding to realize his dream: provide top-quality illuminated signs to international brands. After hard work and substantial investment in R&D, he developed a close partnership with the factory based in China. Together, they succeeded in gaining a real expertise in premium LED sign manufacturing, and started furnishing signs to prestigious brands worldwide. SignCo Group was thus born.

To learn more about this success story, we interviewed SignCo's CEO and a factory representative, Jane.

 How could you describe the development of SignCo ?

"For over 10 years, our company has specialized in illuminated acrylic LED signs. At first, was only one person handling the company. With the ambitious objective of supplying international brands, several partners were sourced and one executive factory was selected. Passion for work and ambition are common ground for both SignCo Group and the factory."  
Jane, how did you succeed in building close partnership ?

"Our factory was created in 1993 and has always been specialized in visual communication. Located in China, Guangdong province, we were a team of 10. We were thrilled to start working with SignCo Group as it was synonymous to exporting our products at an international scale, and not for Asia only. Since 2012, we have been investing in Research & Development every years, as we constantly want to offer innovative products. Lumanex signs portfolio is the direct result of innovation, combining the best components on the market, with tea work to provide the best quality signs." 

 And talking about SignCo, how would you describe it today ?

"SignCo’s team is proud of its growth, and its close partnership with its suppliers. SignCo Group counts 150 staff members, our headquarters are based in Hong Kong, with offices in the USA and France too . We provide premium LED signs to recognized brands, for which quality and customer service are really important. We succeeded in meeting their requirements, and today our will is to make other brands benefit from our expertise."