Through an extremely precise production process, Lumanex offers endless possibilities for indoor and outdoor LED signs. 

The combination of acrylic and hand embedded LED chips gives each channel letter outstanding durability and lifespan.


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Uniform light

Demo Logo

Water and dust resistance
Demo Logo

International Standards
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Front, Side or Back Light, LUMANEX LED signs are perfect for an elegant and refined result. Easily customizable, you can mix the different light effects : Front and Partial Side Light, Side Light, Front and Back Light . . .

Sophistication often associates thin designs, and thus thin letters. EXTRA THIN signs are there to meet your specification, offering a 3mm minimum stroke, and still guaranteeing uniform light diffusion.

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Acrylic LED sign Fix on Glass with 3M Tape

And for any sign needing to be mounted on a shop window or a mirror, we developed LUMIGLASS . Two electrical wires join all acrylic letters together, and are fixed with 3M tape: no need to drill any holes. 

Wish for a metallic touch ?  LUMANEX METAL  signs come in Stainless Steel, Brass or Copper, and can either have a mirror polished or brushed effect. 

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Introducing  NEW NEON , our latest innovation. Our Know-how combines visual performance of achieving a neon effect, and still offering the same guarantees as other LUMANEX acrylic signs.