Personalized services ensuring the highest quality

Our commitment is to provide each client with a sign that 100% matches their requirements.

To do so, we have developed a unique production process, ensuring that you have a customised sign, manufactured with high quality components, that can be delivered worldwide with a warranty up to 5 years.

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Trust us and Light up your brand

How do we ensure uniform light diffusion ?

Most of our signs are made from a pure  block of acrylic and hand embedded LED chips : the perfect combination for the strictest project requirements.
The acrylic we use is specifically developed for LED signage and enables heat dissipation. Combined with single LED chips (no LED strips), we make sure that there is no overheating of the sign while in-use. In fact, the temperature of the sign is usually 2 or 3 degrees more than the normal ambient room temperature.
We favour a higher density placement of LED chips and a lower brightness level for each chip, for an optimal lifespan of our products.